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Masters_student_Ida_bergum Digital Business Systems student Ida Bergum

Candidates will take responsibility for solving complex tasks and conducting a research project at a high standard in an organisation. This includes the ability to choose the appropriate research approach, to choose or develop a solution, to handle relationships ethically and professionally, and to evaluate and communicate the results in a systematic way.

Learning Outcomes

Candidates will be able to describe and discuss key theories on how business systems support value creation in organisations, and to understand the role of information technology in business innovations. Candidates will, in addition to acquiring strong skills in applying research methods and techniques, learn practical skills in:

• Analysing complex IS problems
• Configure and implement key business systems
• Evaluating business systems solutions
• Designing or recommending digital business solutions

Career Options

A successful solution requires competence both in technology and in business. With a Master´s degree in Digital Business Systems you can work in many roles such as:
• CIOs (IT Managers)
• Project Managers
• Business Analysts
• Consultants
• System Developers
• IT Security Experts

Course Structure

First Year
The first year provides the students with knowledge and skills in IS research, project management, ERP and supply chain, digital marketing, IT governance, social media management, internet of things, and business intelligence.

Second Year
This year has a stronger focus on competence, aiming at synthesising knowledge and skills into the ability to conduct projects. The shared courses of the second year prepare the student for the Dissertation. During the Dissertation the student will be able to draw on and integrate all these resources. During the third semester an internship in industry is recommended.



Master of Information Technology
Programme of study
Digital Business Systems
2 years full-time/3 years part-time
Registration fee
NOK 1.800
Admission requirements
Bachelor degree
10 courses + Dissertation
August 21, 2014
Fee per year for NITH students (NOK)
Full-time: 69.400 | Part-time: 48.900
Fee per year (NOK) for eksternal students
Full-time: 80.200 | Part-time: 56.300
Awarded Title
Master of Information Systems with specialisation in Digital Business Systems
Course Language
English only

Full-time Course Schedule

Year 1
Introduction to IS Research (7,5 ect)
Agile Project Management (7,5 ect)
ERP and Supply Chain (7,5 ect)
Digital Marketing (7,5 ect)
IT Governance (7,5 ect)
Social Media Management (7,5 ect)
Internet of Things (7,5 ect)
Business Intelligence (7,5 ect)
Year 2
Consulting and Leadership (7,5 ect)
Research Methods (7,5 ect)
Dissertation (45 ect)

Admission and contact information