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Student committees

Students at NITH are a close-knit group, which becomes evident in their project collaborations, social events, student politics, as well as over beers shared at the student pub. Students create and shape their own student life.

The NITH student committees provide students with the opportunity to be academically or socially involved at NITH outside of their studies. Nine student committees ensure a diverse and broad range of events and workshops.

The pub committee and Social committee
The pub committee is responsible for running the student pub, which is open on most Thursdays and Fridays. The pub is a place to socialise over a beer after school. The social committee also organises large parties at the pub.

Sport committee and Committee for Fantastical Leisure Interests (UFF)
The sport committee fields a football team and organises paintball tournaments and other sporting events for students interested in sports. For those who prefer a round of Magic or boardgames, the Committee for Fantastical Leisure Interests (UFF) arranges LAN parties and game nights.

Academic committees
The MDF, Microsoft, Apple and Linux committees organise academic events such as guest lectures and workshops. Here, you get help with everything related to the different operating systems and their related products.

Women and IT
Female students at NITH have their own committee that organises girls' nights and company visits.

Student council
The student council consists of a working group, the student council board and representatives from each of the programme specialisations. The student council meets three times a semester, and focuses on looking after the interests and rights of the students. The chair of the student council also sits on the NITH Board.

Social events
Despite being a small school, there is a wide range of social interests represented at NITH. The many and varied social events and the close-knit student community provide opportunities to socialise both during and after school hours. The NITH premises are open every day from 7 AM to 11.30 PM, and there is always someone around to have a beer or study with.

Get in touch with the student council if you want to know more about student life at NITH!
Email us at au@nith.no